5. race: Imola - 18.03.2018

Will you come to race?

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Track: Imola
Laps: 44 laps + warmup lap

ASR MOD: Download (Copy it in rfactor2\Packages and in launcher install it)
Track: Download (You will gaet link there, download, copy to Packages and install)

Qualifying: 20:00 CET (for 15 minutes)
Warm up: 5 minutes
Race: 20:20 CET


Tires usage: 2x
Fuel usage: 1x
Damage: 20%

No chat on Q and Race.

Some basic Rules:

1. Cutting corners will be punished (5 sec per cut in case you were faster that lap then normal)
2. Incidents like crash will be reviewed and it will be punished accordingly
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I'm beginning to take off. Maybe, 12 march I will send my announce to HR department. I have no power to work at Philip morris. Useless managers multiplying as flies and everybody got ideas and pretensions. Today I got conversation with very strong words with mechanic (I'm electronic specialist) They called me to linkup where hermos system (a system that binds 2d code on cigaret packet to block etiquette code and then to shipping case code.) Packet codes doesn't reads good. System ejects blocks. There where a mountine of ejected blocks. Machine operator running around it and ejecting his eyes of that. He said me that printing is wrong, place is wrong, I'm (means me) wrong, and he is hero who do everything works. First I took wrong trace, began to ajust cameras, focus, place, brightness. You should know, that our idiots bought cheapest system. It overally shitty, and got small memory. When u run diagnodtic application main application hangs up, machine stops, u cant understand anything. Finally, I caught it. there are two printers printing packets. One of them did it shitty. I took cloth and clean it! And everything got fine! U can see that cloth in attach file. He said its not my responsibility to clean printer. Oh shit! Personal attached to one linkup isn't responsible! Who do cleaning machine every shift! Who got special cloth from printer manufacturer (I don't have). Maybe me responsible for that, who got responsibility of two production halls! I said him what I think about him, without any word limits. Of course, he will tell my boss about this. Russia is a country of idiots, they are everywhere, and floats up like shit floats up. My boss is idiot. All of them are idiots. And they hates us (electronic specialists), cos we not, and cos they know what we thinking about them. I guess he will say that If I don't like, me to leave company. Then ill do it.
what's wrong with the server? Coonection Lost just at the end of the warm up. then when I tried to return 1st booted out (with the explanation that the server do not admit spectators??!!) and then every time I tried to go in again always: 'server connection failed'. And it was only with this server, because I tried with others and everything was Ok...


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Race from my side was a dissaster. I made way to few laps before in thatr shows in race. I made a lot of mistakes.

Congratulations to Medvešček he was to fast for all tonight.
Also a disaster here. I had too much fuel and at the end I had 14 laps of fuel left :) I didn't go with the setups that you guys have send (thx for that!), but it took much time to get used to it so decided to go with my own setup which was stable but was more like a boat with steering hehe. Also I still don't know how I can take the last chicane quickly :)